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The Air Force Navigator Observer Association (AFNOA) is an association of US Air Force Navigators, Observers, Electronic Warfare Officers (EWOs), Weapon Systems Officers (WSOs), and Combat Systems Officers (CSOs). The first Combat Systems Officers graduated June 2005.  The current CSO wings are also worn by previously rated US Air Force Navigators, and prior to that US Army Air Corps Observers. AFNOA currently has about 1200 members from World War II to current active duty, Air Guard, and Reserve.   As a member, you receive a quarterly newsletter, DR Ahead, and the opportunity to participate in activities with fellow aviators.

Please send articles for DR Ahead to Sue Curran.  We all have wonderful stories to tell and share. It doesn't need to be elaborate - planes you flew, wings or squadrons you were in, humorous happenings, memorable episodes, etc. She may include your story in a future issue of DR AHEAD. Sue Curran, Editor, email address is on page 2 of the Newsletter.    Inputs for newsletters due: 15 Feb, 15 May, 15 Aug, and 15 Nov for Apr, Jul, Oct, and Jan issues.

AFNOA started at Ellington AFB navigator training as a class reunion, 50-D. Other classes from Ellington wanted to be included and the organization became The Ellington AFB Navigators Observers Association (TENOA). Later, other training bases asked to be included. AFNOA was established in 1985. AFNOA is now open to all Air Force Navigators, Bombardiers, Observers, EWOs, WSOs, and CSOs. AFNOA has members who have commanded military operations in war and peace, have been published in numerous fields, continue to serve in community and national level careers, and continue to be outstanding representatives of US Air Force Combat Systems Officers, Navigators, Bombardiers, Observers, EWOs, and WSOs.  

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